Boira is a ceramic workshop in which the designer Jordi Ferrándiz and the illustrator Mar Hernández (Malota) join forces.


For us, ethics is very important in our work, which is why we pay a lot of attention to the processes and materials that we use for the development of our pieces.

In Boira Ceramics we like things made by hand, with care and love. We devote a lot of time developing each piece. We like projects made by artisans in an ethical, fair and committed way.

The procress

The pieces of Boira Ceramics are all made in Valencia, Spain.

A place with a long ceramic tradition.

Boira is helped by a team of professional ceramists with a long career in this field. These professionals help us to develop our pieces to achieve the maximum quality in each of them.

Unique Pieces

Each piece of Boira Ceramics is unique. We are not a large company that produces large quantities.

We are craftsmen, making unique pieces for people who know to appreciate them.